Hey everyone, so I don't want to alienate my fans so the content uploaded here are my renders from when I began my journey into your hearts. The images posted here on will be 1080 Resolution. IF you enjoy the content, the original 4k PNG resolution images are available for purchase either on my Gumroad store front, or on the Patreon Tiers. The reason for releasing in 1080HD and not the original, is that I don't want to devalue the content, especially for those who have accessed it previously. The content posted here has a 12-month exclusive window. This means that packs will populate, a year after the original release. This is to reward patreons and create content that enables me to continue to grow as an artist, and as a 3D model maker to which I hope you understand.

Anyhow, without further ado, this page will outline the new additions to website. You can view these packs directly by clicking the image to see the full set, or through the relevant character galleries with the drop down menus from above. In closing, I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to join my Discord Server and give your honest constructive feedback! This helps me gage what people are enjoying and tailor future releases!


Chris and the Walrider   Dante and the Tentacles
Piers encounters Plant42
Mindflayer and Martin's desires   Prompto submits to Goro