Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does it take to make an animation?
Can take months, depends on the length of the animation. A DJShort usually around 3 months. A full 10 - 20minute feature can take over a year! I tend to run two animations side by side. This keeps it fresh and so I have regular animated content coming out. Normally I have shorts + 1 feature on at the same time.


Can you add a specific character to your line up?
In terms of adding characters, it depends if I have already bought the game, and if I have the ability to port/rip from it to get the basic shapes of the characters. I often commission these out to more talented folk to do, so it costs money as my skills in terms of making models the way others do, is fairly beginner level when compared to the likes of Killystein and Cyrus Tails. So if there is enough demand I'll consider it, but I wont just add characters on the back of a single request. In November, I do a character suggestion poll, so everyone can suggest characters, and then over December eveyone votes for who their favourites are. The top however many then go on to development.


Do you do Commissions?
At this time, No. However there are plans to open these up around August/September time once I'm up to date with the Patreon commissions and have everything settled as life is a bit hectic at the moment.