Piers Nivans is the pride of the Kollection!



Piers finds himself captured during a routine mission by the Kollector. Normally the Kollector would kill on sight, but there is something about Piers' beauty that attracts him and decides to spare his life by putting him into his Kollection. Admiring Piers naked body, the Kollector can't help himself!

Piers comes too as the Kollector is exploring his body arousing himself with every touch of the BSAA soldier's muscles. Piers' demands to be set free only amplifies the Kollector's desires and it isn't long before he advances on Piers. The monster starts by forcing Piers to soak his meat with saliva to act as lubricant before plunging it into Piers' tight end. As Piers' cries for help echoes around, the Kollector doesn't finish thrusting his hips into Piers until the BSAA soldier has done his job! Having pumped his boy with his load, the Kollector as sadistic as he is, rewards Piers by jerking out a load as his own oozes out of the worn out soldier... I think Piers is officially the pride of the Kollector's Kollection, don't you!


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