Regenerator's Board the S.S. Ourang!




Normal patrol on the S.S. Ourang takes an unexpected turn when the ship goes to Red Alert! Reports are that monsters have appeared and all officers are to report to battle stations. Joe is on his way when he hears the heavy breathing of none other than a Regenerator.

Terrified, he tries to escape but a jammed door prevents him from getting away from the hands of the monster. The Regenerator knows what it wants and what it needs and soon, Joe finds himself in position, with the pressure of the Regenerator's head pressing against his hole. Unable to stop the monster doing what it intends to do, Joe gives into fear and takes the inches he is being encouraged to take!

What happens next almost makes the officer black out, as the Regenerator slams home it's hungry meat before it errupts inside his body. Left to one side with a tummy full of love, the Regenerator continues to explore it's new surroundings looking for another hole to dominate...


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