After hours of shooting the opposition on Battle Royale scenarios. Drift heads to a quiet retreat for a soak in one of the lagoons. But it's a full moon tonight... and he isn't alone. The Werewolf has come out to play, and after stalking Drift for the kill, he finds himself craving him to mate after gazing at his physique in the water. Taking the perfect opportunity, the wolf strikes!

Pinning Drift down, the wolf makes his intentions clear as day light, and soon mounts the hot Fortnite star! Powerless to stop him, Drift tries his best to resist as he feels the werewolf pushing it's inches into him. It isn't long before panic settles in when Drift feels the knot slamming against his buttocks and with one quick movement, he cries out as he feels it stretching his hole. The pressure on his prostate forces an orgasm and he shoots like never before on the forest floor... but his orgasms leaves his body relaxed and then it happened!

The wolf knots Drift, howls to his moon and breeds the hot guy locked onto his member, filling and bloating him with his warm load. he leaves Drift looking but anyone would think Drift is carry puppies inside his belly with the amount he milked from that big bad wolf!


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